RNG was founded in 1948 and has remained active in the engineering industry ever since.

The company currently produces and exports rough and fully machined forgings components, which include all kind of Forged Flanges, automotive parts, Railway parts and various other forging components. The company produces forgings from various steel grades including Carbon Steels, Alloy Steels and stainless steels, to serve in various industries, including oil and gas, Chemical and petrochemical, Power, Fertilizers, Marine & construction, Automobiles & Railway etc.

Our strategies

We’re building North India’s complete inventory of flanges. We aim to offer the best service and distribution network in the industry along with a diverse range of flanges.

Vision Statement

We aim to offer enhanced value to our products in terms of Quality and service and to achieve leadership in the industry.

Mission Statement

We will build an organization that allows motivated people to succeed professionally and financially while encouraging unlimited personal growth.

The Company is
ISO-9001:2000 & PED Certified

Our mission is to lead the industry in every aspect of our business, including service, excellence, and complete client satisfaction.


Company Profile/History

RN Gupta & Company established, Manufactured Expeller/Parts.
Manufactured & Supplied Letter Boxes to Indian Postal Department.
Manufacturing of Steel Pipes for Tube wells & Manufacturing of Water Well Drilling Rigs and accessories.
Manufacturing of Bi-Cycle Parts.
Started developing Forgings for ASME Flanges & Fitting and STARTED EXPORTS.
Developed Various types of flanges as per ASME to complement the full range up to 12" size.
Developed Flanges for Oil & Gas Industry above 12" sizes
Pneumatic hammer lines installed to meet ever growing demand of large sizes of flanges & fitting for Oil & Gas industry
Established modern CNC Machining facility to meet increased quality & productivity requirements
Started Manufacturing of Auto, Tractor, Railway Parts and Industrial Forgings.
Established modern well equipped plant to design & develop high quality components for Automobile Industry & Railways.
Construction Equipment Division started for the manufacturing of Mobile Cranes and Tower Cranes.
Started Manufacturing of Stainless Steel Flanges.

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